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Telling you that I am glad to see the end of winter would be an understatement…


It’s funny because the seasons always seem to come at just the time we need them. I always happen to be craving whatever season is near approaching. I crave it so much that ever wanting the season I am currently in is beyond me. But indeed, there was a time in the recent past that I dreamed about those cold frosty nights and body warming hot chocolates.


However, I will miss the autumnal shades and pretty colours that winter brings. Though summer will bring colourful makeup, bright hair and a more daring wardrobe; I am really digging burnt orange, burgundy and dusky rose shades right now.


During the end of winter, I always find myself dusting off some of my old fur jackets and body warmers. As I live in the UK, it is a rarity to find the right time of year to wear them. With our ridiculously wet winters (water and fur is not very sexy…) and a weather forecast that changes every 5 minutes, it makes the decision to go out in no jacket but some faux fur a daring one…


The first thing I began to notice are the brighter evenings and mornings. I am so easily impacted by the weather. It is incredible how much difference a bit of sunshine can do to your day. Getting out of bed in the mornings isn’t so much of a drag, and even though the hours don’t change, days just feel that tiny bit longer… (I haven’t even mentioned the goodness in Vitamin D yet!)


I took a walk along the seafront and across the wood last week to take in some of this season transition before it slips away from us. It really did feel exciting to know that in a very short amount of time, these walks will be accompanied by much warmer weather, and happier looking dog walkers!


I would love to know something that you are excited to see come to an end this season, or what you are ready to welcome this Spring!

Ellie xo

Author: NinkComPoop

My name is Ellie James, a 23 year old living in Brighton. I am a moving image graduate that jumped into the world of blogging. I predominately work on my YouTube channel to create content within the lifestyle, beauty and fashion categories. I put my creative skills developed from university into practice with the projects I create. I like to focus on alternative fashion and personal style, expressing individuality and creativity. Like most interests of mine, my love for type of fashion varies. Alternative subcultures like punk, goth, and bohemian on one part, and pastel, sheer, and floral being the other. But combining the two is what I live for.

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