Living like a millionaire…

I promised you guys in a previous blog post and YouTube video that I would share some photos of the gorgeous house I stayed in for a week in Huddersfield. As explained, I visited there for a little getaway trip with my boyfriend and his family. His mum had chosen this house herself and particularly aimed for something really big and fancy… We definitely got that! I just had to share these photos with you…

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The house was three floors high, had it’s own gym, jacuzzi baths, and even a pool on the ground floor!

It was an odd feeling staying in a house with gigantic windows and little to no blinds or curtains. I am big about natural sunlight but there’ll be no walking about in the nude allowed!

If you are interested in where this lovely home can be found, here is a link to their website. I would love to hear about some awesome places you’ve stayed in and the type of accommodation you look for on holiday!


This is not a sponsored post nor am I using affiliate links.

Author: NinkComPoop

My name is Ellie James, a 23 year old living in Brighton. I am a moving image graduate that jumped into the world of blogging. I predominately work on my YouTube channel to create content within the lifestyle, beauty and fashion categories. I put my creative skills developed from university into practice with the projects I create. I like to focus on alternative fashion and personal style, expressing individuality and creativity. Like most interests of mine, my love for type of fashion varies. Alternative subcultures like punk, goth, and bohemian on one part, and pastel, sheer, and floral being the other. But combining the two is what I live for.

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