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I promised you guys in a previous blog post and YouTube video that I would share some photos of the gorgeous house I stayed in for a week in Huddersfield. As explained, I visited there for a little getaway trip with my boyfriend and his family. His mum had chosen this house herself and particularly aimed for something really big and fancy… We definitely got that! I just had to share these photos with you…

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The house was three floors high, had it’s own gym, jacuzzi baths, and even a pool on the ground floor!

It was an odd feeling staying in a house with gigantic windows and little to no blinds or curtains. I am big about natural sunlight but there’ll be no walking about in the nude allowed!

If you are interested in where this lovely home can be found, here is a link to their website. I would love to hear about some awesome places you’ve stayed in and the type of accommodation you look for on holiday!


This is not a sponsored post nor am I using affiliate links.


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