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If you watch me on YouTube or follow me on any social media, you are probably aware that my makeup looks can be a bit… out there.

As much as I like to try, I have never been very good at the ‘natural’ look. I see these girls on YouTube create ‘no-makeup makeup looks’ so flawlessly. I sit there in awe as they apply several nude products so effortlessly that the products literally look like they were supposed to be there in the first place… what the sorcery?!


Nowadays when I look back at all the times I tried to achieve something natural, I am glad that it epically failed… Why? Because that was when I tried dipping into a ton of obnoxious colours instead. I moved on from attempting to recreate what I saw online and started experimenting for myself. After discovering that colour was my thing, I jumped onto every collection with vibrant colours I could find. I needed them ALL

Of course, at first I wasn’t the best at applying bold colour (I still have tons of room for improvement…) but as I was learning along the way, I slowly discovered that I was finally falling in love with makeup!

Big whoop. I know, right? “Well done, Ellie! Join the rest of the queue of people who like smearing makeup on their face…”.

But when I grew up, I was always baffled about why somebody would get excited over two shades of eyeshadow or lipstick that looked almost exactly the same… I would watch friends or strangers spend several hundreds of pounds on makeup that they didn’t even need. To me, they were already beautiful…

But finally… it had clicked. I eventually had that moment where I realised… it actually isn’t about needing it. For me and many others, it’s about the excitement behind buying a new set of colours that literally hold endless creative potential possibilities.


Back when I was completely mystified while watching girls sit for hours applying makeup, it never occurred to me that perhaps their passion for cosmetics was not just a ‘cover-up’ for their insecurities. It had never come across to me as a form of expression before.

I personally believe that was because I simply hadn’t found my own way of expressing myself with makeup yet.

But now I have! Finally I was realising that perhaps they were actually just enhancing what they already had.

IMG_6299 copy

Sure, I’ve got piles of clothes, packs of hair dye and a rack of shoes to externally express my identity, but working with bold looks and intense colour gave me that spark of imagination which most creative people get when they see potential to be expressive.

I could come across as pretentious if I sound as though the only way makeup should be enjoyed is in an extreme art form. But that’s far from the case: expression of all kinds is still art… Art of all kinds is still art. How somebody wakes up and decides to express themselves through a few products is awesome to me. What makes it even better is that we are all doing it differently from each other – simply because we want to. The fact that we are able to do that through more than just hair and clothes is impressive.

I would love it if you could tell me why you choose to wear makeup!



Author: NinkComPoop

My name is Ellie James, a 23 year old living in Brighton. I am a moving image graduate that jumped into the world of blogging. I predominately work on my YouTube channel to create content within the lifestyle, beauty and fashion categories. I put my creative skills developed from university into practice with the projects I create. I like to focus on alternative fashion and personal style, expressing individuality and creativity. Like most interests of mine, my love for type of fashion varies. Alternative subcultures like punk, goth, and bohemian on one part, and pastel, sheer, and floral being the other. But combining the two is what I live for.

6 thoughts on “Why do I wear makeup? | NinkComPoop”

  1. I’m somewhere in the middle between “old Ellie” and “current Ellie”. I like makeup, but I’m not to the point where I’ll spend a lot of money on it or get two eyeliners or whatever that are basically the same thing. I’m still a drug store makeup kind of girl. But I guess that’s just because I haven’t found a lot of products I really love maybe? I’m not sure. I hope to experiment more with makeup in the near future though. Time to watch some tutorials!

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  2. You absolutely hit the nail on the head here. I felt exactly the same with makeup. I never understood it, now that I experiment, I love it, especially with lots of bright colours! Couldn’t relate more to this. xxxx

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  3. I really love this post, it took me ages to figure that it was more about art and then I realized why I always loved being a lot crazier with the looks I created. You’re absolutely beautiful Ellie, outside and inside. I couldn’t agree more with you, and hey who doesn’t want some flipping awesome ass pink glitter on their face? Xxx

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  4. I always feel extremely nervous going out of my comfort zone in terms of colour. I currently go for the classics like browns, blacks and golds. I always want to experiment more with bold colors like reds or oranges. In the past when I’ve worn a color like blue my blending skills go out the window and I feel like I will look like a clown. But after reading this I would love to find a color that can express myself and my love for makeup! Thanks Ellie, I love your style and how unique you are! ❤

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  5. I love this post! You are so fantastic Ellie, I love how motivated you are within your work and it really shines through. You can see your passion to share your experiences through creative outlets, you make up is always flawless! Xx


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