10 Facts That’ll Make You Love Autumn…

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It almost seems like everybody is talking about autumn right now… Over time, it has become one of the most “trendy” seasons. The colours, pumpkin spiced lattes and crunchy leaves underfoot probably play a big part in that.

Not feeling the hype? Lets take a look at some brilliantly odd autumn facts that could possibly help…

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1) Autumn Is Smart To The Heart

Quite the hypochondriac? Autumn is widely known by many researchers as the month we get ourselves an extra hour of sleep. This not only results in less stress, but annually lowers the recorded rate of heart attacks. Some studies have even noticed a significant  drop in car accidents too!

2) It’s Rare Somewhere…

Those who live near the equator miss out on autumn entirely! This is because of their regions getting a consistent amount of sun all year round. This fact alone means that autumn is something that not everybody out there gets to experience… Ain’t you lucky!

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3) Live Stronger & Longer!

Perhaps you are more excited about your birthday being in autumn than you are about the season? But you’ll be pleased to know that studies have proven how those born during this time of year are more likely to live to 100 than those born in other seasons. Feeling more grateful now?

4) Spiders Go Bonkers About Conkers…

Autumn is the all-dreaded famous spider mating season. But don’t let that put you off! No other time of year allows you to pick fresh conkers right outside your front door. They’re good to eat, to play with and even useful around the house… Though there is no scientific proof, the story is said that conkers contain a noxious chemical that repels spiders. There is hearsay that if a spider gets close to a conker, it will curl it’s legs up and die within a day…


5) Autumn Thinks It’s Great To Mate!

According to the big guys in science labs, the levels of testosterone in both men and women are at their highest during autumn. Scientists have speculated that the surge may be a result of ancient mating instincts. The difference in monthly levels of testosterone varied up to 31% for men. As a result, sex drive increases and men find women even more attractive than during summer months… Your dating life is about to get a whole lot more interesting!

6) Get Snug With Your Love Bug

If mating isn’t quite what you are looking for… perhaps you’ll be pleased to know that researchers took the time to discover that men are more likely to get cozy with their sweethearts and watch romantic comedies during the weeks of autumn… What a time to be alive!


7) Your Chance At Romance

During Autumn, it appears that crisp weather is not the only thing in the air… An analysis of Facebook data found that more people change their relationship statuses from “single” to “in a relationship” or “engaged” in autumn than the yearly average. Though, in summer time, it is found that more break-ups occur… It’s Facebook official: love is in the autumn air!

8) The Cook –Was Shook!

Autumn brings you a big build up to bonfire night… and a whole lot of neighbour firework displays in-between. But did you know that fireworks were invented when a Chinese cook accidentally discovered how to make the early origin of gunpowder during the 10th century? The cook accidentally mixed three common kitchen ingredients – saltpetre, sulphur and charcoal which set light to the concoction… The result = colourful flames! That’s something to think about next time you watch a display…

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9) The Sun Is a Leaf Thief…

Throughout your whole lives you were probably told that leaves change from their natural colour throughout Autumn. WRONG! Leaves are naturally red, yellow, orange and purple. But during the spring and summer, they are just overpowered by chlorophyll which is a natural chemical that makes leaves turn green! As the sunlight declines, so does the presence of the chemical… It will eventually fade and take the green pigment away with it to give it’s natural colours back.

10) That ‘Time Of Year’ Is In The Atmosphere…

As Autumn begins to come to an end, we all know what is waiting just around the corner… And although you were just mind blown by that previous leafy fact – you’ll be pleased to know that Christmas trees are one of the only trees to stay green in the coldest, darkest of months. That’s all thanks to the needles. Pine needles are compact, watertight, and generally harder for weather and insects to destroy. By slowing everything down, pine trees can photosynthesise all year-round, keeping that chlorophyll at work.


Time’s up! You’ve officially had enough time to fully contemplate your love for Autumn. Did these facts entice you enough to fully appreciate the season or did they just make your love burn even stronger? I would love to know your feelings about this time of transition in the comments!

Organising A Short & Spontaneous Holiday | NinkComPoop

Very recently, Wimdu invited me to a getaway in London! With little planned and minimal items packed, I set off to my little stay at an apartment in Ealing Broadway. There is a video of my trip at my YouTube channel here.



I had purposely allowed my short break away to be spontaneous and unplanned, giving me all the freedom to venture out and seek for whatever sights take our fancy. London is one of my favourite locations in the world and fortunately it is very close to home and there’s a lot to do there. A lot of last minute decisions were made throughout my trip so I thought it would be fun to discuss small and simple ways to plan your holiday!

1) What’s current and trending?

We are already so clued up on what’s trending within the internet world, we should be doing the exact same when we are travelling somewhere new! It is always a good idea to have a scroll around current Facebook events in the area or recent Twitter posts under location hashtags, etc to find out what’s going on. This way you can make the most of the exact time and place you are travelling. Being able to travel is a good thing, being there at the right time is a great thing!

Amazingly, Facebook let my boyfriend and I know that a Just Eat food festival was happening in the area. The Facebook event stated that there will be award winning food and a cozy environment to chill out and listen to some live music. The festival had photo booths, a blow-up flamingo seating area, photoesque lounges, cocktail bars and even a giant adult slide.



2) Food stops

If you know anything about me, one of my favourite things to do is eat… During most special occasions, I am always most excited about the food (lol). A holiday is the perfect excuse to cheat yourself out of any current diet and go a little crazy. If I ever find myself in a new area, I love to scope out the location for some hidden gems. Food hot spots can really range from independent cafes to well-known restaurant chains. Honestly, not one evening of my getaway trip was spent in front of the oven… whoops!








3) The money maker

Finding the money maker of the location you are visiting is knowing what brings all the tourists there in the first place. On holiday, I always have a couple what I call ‘tourist days’. These days are all about doing the stereotypical things everybody does in the area. Why is it popular? What do the majority of people travel there for? How does the city reel visitors in? This is usually the easiest tip to follow because it’s never too difficult to work out somewhere’s true selling point. On one of the days, my friend and I decided that a visit to the Tower of London was perfect for us! I find it so fascinating to hear about all the crazy events which happened in my own country… not to mention that the tower is one of the most haunted places in the world… ooooooo! (Plot twist: I saw 0 ghosts).




4) No plan caveman

Believe it or not, back in the day people didn’t have technology to help them around new places. I know right… poor sods. In all seriousness, sometimes it is easy to forget the true fun in exploring somewhere new. Because of technology, we often forget the fun in having no idea what we are doing! I encourage you to put your phone away for at least one day (or even afternoon), and just go for a walk somewhere that takes your interest. Not only are spontaneous trips the most enjoyable ones, but you won’t know where the day will take you. You may even find some hidden gems which you wouldn’t have heard about online. During our walks, we came across a lot of incredible graffiti, some beautiful parks, pretty sights and quirky shops.






To finish this blog post, I would like to thank Wimdu for my lovely escape away into the busy city of London. I had such a lovely time with my boyfriend and a close friend; we all really appreciated (and needed!) the break away. I will leave Wimdu’s link here so that you can plan your own adventure soon: http://www.wimdu.com/?wt_vi=brand.youtube.comactivity.facebook. 

Why Being Teased About My Dress Sense Made Me Stronger | NinkComPoop


This blog post was inspired by two things in particular. The first one being my adorable new alternative bags from a few affordable asian websites; and the second being two encounters I had with a couple of strangers a while ago…

The following links provided will lead you to all the items found below:
1) Cupcake: http://rstyle.me/~9ZOjC
2) Pineapple: http://rstyle.me/~9ZOjK
3) Mouse: http://womenfashion.storenvy.com/products/13684464-cute-kawaii-cartoon-mouse-backpack


Even though something pretty hurtful was happening, I was experiencing a really empowering moment

You might be wondering what I was referring to when I say ‘strange encounter’. It was actually one of the very few experiences I have ever had where even though something pretty hurtful was happening, I was experiencing a really empowering moment. The first instance happened during a night-out in my local town. I had over-heard a conversation between a friend of mine and her mate she had invited out. I remember the girl causing a fuss with my friend because she didn’t know who I was. I could hear my friend trying to assure her that I was a nice friend and good person…


She said “I don’t want to hang around her, she dresses differently” 

I was only in ear shot so I could hear every word being spoken at this point. The girl must have had a lot to drink or simply just didn’t care whether I could hear or not. The most rememberable thing I heard was “I don’t want to hang around her, she dresses differently”. In that moment, I was instantly back at school amongst young kids who would make remarks just like that one. I remember making some snide comment back to her about how I could very clearly hear everything she was saying. She didn’t care. She simply turned around so her back was facing me.


Somebody who is happy and content with their lives do not refuse to hang around somebody because they are ‘different’

Everybody who overheard this awkward situation happening didn’t really know what to do… The majority of them were actually more concerned about what I was going to do. Was the night out about to take an awful turn? Was I going to hit her? Was I about to melt down into a show of public hysterics? Was I going to start a fight? I can tell you now, none of those things are me! What I was going to do though, was remember this experience for a very long time… I took one look at this girl and mentally made a note to myself about what unhappiness looked like. I am not the most intelligent woman in the world, but if there is one thing I do know, it is that somebody who is happy and content with their lives, does not refuse to hang around with somebody because they are ‘different’.


If anything, it just made me feel more confident about how I choose to express myself

For the rest of my evening, I don’t remember feeling angry or becoming sad. I simply remember gaining a massive sense of pride and self respect. Not only had somebody noticed that I have the confidence to dress differently and put on clothes that I thought looked great, but I was able to disallow somebody with ill intentions to affect me. If anything, it just made me feel more confident about how I choose to express myself – especially in a world filled with people like her.


I remember pretending to laugh it off as she pointed down at my “awful” dress

Another fairly similar experience happened during a Big Brother audition (that’s a story in itself, click here to watch my story-time video on YouTube…). We were instructed to play a game where we had to ‘nominate’ people from the circle. Long story short, a girl had picked me because she didn’t like the way I dressed. Even though I had carefully planned to wear my lovely new floral vintage dress because I believed it looked great, she scowled at my dress and loudly made a “what are those awful pop socks” remark at my legs. (She was referring to my favourite pantyhose which are designed to look like stockings. I’ll leave a link here). As the entire room of 30 other people had heard her comment, I just remember pretending to laugh it off as she pointed down at my “awful” dress and stockings combination.


It reminded me that there are people out there who wouldn’t dare to be different

Both of those small experiences I had were so tiny and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but both of those girls had no idea that they were making such a positive impact on my life. When I look back at these small encounters, I realise how much they helped me grow. Not only did it remind me that I have the guts to step outside the house and wear whatever the hell I want, but it reminded me that there are people out there who wouldn’t dare be different. So much so, that they would rather bash other people down for having the balls to. There I was, doing whatever the hell I wanted, completely forgetting just how happy and oblivious I am in my own little world of fashion, hair and makeup choices.


Nobody who has ever knocked another person down has truly ever been ‘on top’

I really hope that reading this blog post can give you that little nudge of reassurance if you double take your appearance when walking past a mirror to ask yourself whether people will have something rude to say. While you’re out there expressing your kick ass clothing taste, others are green with envy as they watch. Nobody who has ever knocked another person down has ever truly been ‘on top’ – in fact, the very reason somebody will ever try and bring you down is to pull you onto their level. Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you: don’t you ever find yourself stooping that low.


Dealing With Anxiety at a Festival/Gig/Event | NinkComPoop

Click here to watch the travel vlog of my festival trip!

I went to Brighton’s Wildlife festival at the weekend. For quite a while I was psyching myself up to spend 2 days in a field with friends, drinks and music. Obviously the idea of having a possible panic in the middle of crowds due to the overwhelming body contact and interaction wasn’t great, but I tried to brush that under a hypothetical rug.

Once the weekend arrived, it shortly became the highlight of my summer so far. No big problems arose – not even a blip or two. I felt like I had everything under control (something rare for us sufferers!). This event inspired me to create a post on how I personally deal with my own form of anxiety during times where the chances are higher. It’s not often I make anxiety advice posts because I feel that everybody is entirely different from one another. Keep in mind that these are just my own tips and tricks that benefit me every time I attend a gig or festival.



1. Attend The Festival/Gig

…Well, duh – right? This might sound a little odd, but one of my first pieces of advice is to ‘just do it’. Obviously, you already have intentions to if you are reading this, but things can get a little scary during the build up of a special event. You must keep in mind that it all does get easier the more and more you try them. That isn’t because you’re magically cured, but because you force yourself into situations that help you learn about yourself and the way you work. If I already know what I usually react badly to, then I can work on making small changes in the way I do things during future events.

I love music, dancing, and partying… Giving all those up because I can get easily overwhelmed is exactly what my anxiety wants me to do. I won’t let it win.


2. Choose Your Troop Wisely

A big part of how well I think an event is going to go is who I plan to go with. This might come across a little rude, but lets face it; we all have those friends who we just… ‘gel’ with better. We just feel a little more comfortable and at ease with them. If you can, make sure you are attending the event with somebody you are close with, knows you well and makes you feel relaxed (especially if they know you’re an anxiety sufferer).

Important: Have everybody’s number on your phone in case you lose them and please discuss a meeting point as soon as you get there.



3. Go With The Pro

Speaking of choosing your troop, I have always found it useful attending new places with somebody who doesn’t find them as new as you do. It’s always good news if at least one person with me knows what they’re doing because they’ve “done it before”. That could be an avid ‘gig-goer’, or just somebody who “loves a good festival”. It makes me feel as though there is less pressure on myself knowing all the ins and outs/vital things about the event. They are always going to be around to ask questions and lead the way!


4. Do Some Research

Sometimes if I am going to be really unfamiliar with the location, I will do a little bit of research before the event. This can mean a quick google map check to view the area you are going to be visiting. It will give you a little peace of mind when you get there and have a rough idea where everything is. I have always found that a balance between organisation and spontaneity is good for me. If I over organise myself, I am going to get myself into a worked up stress. However, giving myself the basic knowledge of an area I am going to attend usually does the trick. Something I often do is look online for people who have posted photos or YouTube videos from the event a year before. If not, a very similar event.


5. Fluids!

I have multiple things to say about this one. Firstly, the one you were expecting – water. I am personally really bad at this because I don’t want to risk losing my spot right by the stage due to a full bladder or because I need to go get a drink. Whatever you do, take your toilet and drink breaks whenever you can and whenever suits your schedule for the day. For gigs, I make sure I have popped to the loo and had water right before going into the crowd (this is when going with a friend can help as they can hold your space in the queue while you go!). For festivals, it is a whole lot easier to do drink breaks every so often. No excuses!

On the other hand, there are going to be a whole lot of people around you drinking alcohol. As mentioned earlier, this point in particular definitely differs depending on the individual. But as you know yourself best, be sure that you stick to your most ‘appropriate’ level of alcohol consumption. Personally, I feel that after a couple drinks, a big ton of my anxiety is lifted. For most people though, that isn’t the case. However, I can’t go too nuts because hangovers bring that anxiety right back up x2 the next day (which isn’t ideal when you’re attending a festival over a few days).

Lastly, the idea of having a drink to hold helps me a lot. One part about feeling awkward in public is feeling as though you stick out like a sore thumb. There’s something comforting about having a cool drink on you to keep your hands busy. Or maybe it’s just the feeling of a cold substance being in your palms. This point sounded a little odd, but I guess I know what I mean…


6. Allow Yourself Time

A big part of my anxiety comes from pressure. Rushing about like a headless chicken, doing important things last-minute and panicking about all these little details I must not forget is pressure I do not need. People prone to anxiety usually get in the habit of turning up to things early. There is something a lot more calming about being early than late in the minds of somebody who easily find themselves in a panic. I find that getting yourself up a little early will help you dramatically. This is particularly helpful for gigs and festivals when you may want to look a little extra ‘done up’. This way, there’ll be no reason to get all flustered over chasing the time when applying makeup, doing hair and getting changed.

Allowing yourself time also involves getting your bags packed and makeup/clothing planned days in advance. The more you sort out now, the less you’ll need to stress on the day – you don’t want to drive yourself into an anxious mess!



7. Positioning Yourself In Crowds

One of my favourite things about gigs is just being in the moment; slap bang in the centre of a crowd who have that same undying love for mutual music. I simply must be in the middle of that. If you’re anything like me and you queue early because you would hate to be shoved at the back, you’re going to be the first ones in anyway. Now is a good time to spot the exits just incase you might need them later. On the other hand, if it isn’t as important to you, it’s a good idea to stick to the right hand side of a crowd. This way you are near an exit, but still within all the action. (This also keeps you away from a possible mosh pit; but just keeping away from the middle of a crowd will generally do that anyway).

It’s important to mention here how much love and respect you will find at gigs and concerts. You are surrounded by people who are just friends you haven’t met yet. Keep your eyes ahead of you and focused on the stage. Remember who and what you are there for. Keep conversation busy with those you came with while you wait for the act. If you think it’ll freak you out, try to avoid looking behind you incase the idea of feeling smothered overwhelms you.



And lastly, have a freaking awesome time. You are going to have a blast. I am so excited for you!

I would love to know if any of these help. Feel free to add your own pieces of advice for those who need it. These points are very specific to me so I cannot possibly help everybody.




A museum for the weird & wonderful… | NinkComPoop

Before you read on, there is a video version of my experience at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum. You can view that by clicking here!

I was invited to London to celebrate Alien’s new film coming out in cinemas this month. While I was there, my boyfriend and I figured that it was probably worth while to visit Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum in Oxford Street. If you’ve never been before, expect to see a museum filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful facts. It’s pretty much the equivalent of opening up a Guinness World Record book and stepping inside. The museum is not your average, so prepare to learn about the weirdest kinds of people and some crazy achievements/creations they have produced…


This guy is famous for being the tallest man in the world. Don’t let my heels fall you for my height by the way. I am most definitely not 170cm…


I found the infamous blue and black dress!… I can confirm it was in fact blue.






They had so many different unique portraits that were individual in their own ways. Most of them were made from unusual items. One of my favourite portraits was this one made from cassette tapes.


This portrait was made entirely from cooking specific sections of toast…


I didn’t know it was possible to make my nose look any smaller until I compared it to this guy…


One of my favourite parts of the museum was this upside down room where everything was… well, upside down. The tea in the kettle was even pouring upside down!

This trip was honestly even better than I had hoped. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not kept it fun and exciting yet you’re still learning about interesting people along the way. One of my favourite sections was the mirror maze, which I am sure took my boyfriend and I even longer to accomplish than your average child…

If you are visiting London sometime soon, I would definitely recommend this museum as one of my favourite places to try. If you’re anything like me and the unusual fascinates you, then you’re in for a treat.


How to solve creative block & find inspiration | NinkComPoop

Inspiration is funny because it’s one of those things that you don’t realise you have until it’s gone. It truly is the most powerful tool you can have and the most successful people on earth would not have conquered without it. So – how do we find it? I have cooked up a few of my own methods for finding inspiration to get the creative ball rolling!


My biggest inspiration by far, comes from watching success happen to other people. Surround yourself in people mastering the talents that you are working on yourself. Whatever it may be… read, watch, listen to, or research those that are busy chasing their dreams. If that doesn’t inspire me to do the same thing that they are… nothing will. I just love settling down to a good documentary or book focused on someone or something that I look up to.


Inspiration is impossible for me to grab if my head is cluttered and I’m not entirely sure what steps I need to be taking in order to reach my stepping stone goals. I recommend to get yourself a fancy planner (the prettier it is, the more excited you’ll be to use it) to keep all your big plans and ideas down. It is important that you make a realistic order of when and how you want these ideas to happen. This can be small goals set for each day of the week, or big goals you want to reach per week (I prefer achieving small steps a day so that I can go to bed feeling accomplished…). Analyse your plans/ideas from all angles! The more clear my plan of action is, the more inspired I will be to make it happen.


You are going to hate me for this one. But your head will have no room for big ideas or the desire to do something creative if you are sat in a messy room. The more space and area you have to work with, the more space your mind will have free to let creative juices flow! Keep corners tidy, desk spaces clear and shelves nicely decorated. Some motivational quotes hanging on the wall are a must-have for me.


The very first thing I was taught during my creative media degree course, was how essential it is for you to find out when you work at your best standard. My tutor told me that he didn’t care what time of the day I needed, as long as I’ve discovered my best working hours, and I make the most of using them. Recognise what time of the day you randomly begin to notice you work to your best standards and do whatever you can to make sure those hours are kept free so that you can work through them.


I work from home, meaning that I don’t have to travel somewhere everyday to get on with work. Which sounds like a blessing… but sometimes I really find myself wishing that I had an office or space to travel to everyday. It can be mind numbingly painful to lock yourself up in a bedroom for days and days – which constantly causes me huge mental blocks. Staring at the same four walls is painful. Don’t make the same mistake! Step outside, take in some fresh air, find a gorgeous view, go for a walk. Not only will this recharge your batteries, but a great surrounding to watch can wake that brain right back up (so don’t forget that notebook!)


This is of course a personal preference… but if you love coffee or tea as much as I do, you would already know how much wonder it does to kick your ass out of sleepy zone. Whether that is early in the morning when I am ready to work on my to-do list, or after lunch when I feel myself getting back out of focus. My job also involves a lot of filming, and sometimes it just isn’t natural to be full of fun and energy every hour of the day… A little splash of coffee often does the trick!


To-do lists are the secret to life. BELIEVE ME. I am one of those irritating people who get huge kicks out of productivity. It sounds great but that also means I can get really low when I am not able to get a lot done. Similar to your planner, get yourself a white board, chalk board, phone app (wunderlist is amazing) or simply a sticky note that you can write small goals on that you want to achieve by the end of the day. Did I mention how good it feels to cross each one off?


Lastly, similar to finding your most productive time of the day, knowing where is most comfortable and effective for you will be so useful, particularly during times when you are finding it hard to focus. Whether yours is on your favourite bench outside, in a big bubbly bath, amongst nice smelling candles or simply on the cozy-ness of your own bed – do whatever works for you.

I’d love to hear what methods work for you. Good luck reaching your goals!

Is it time you took a break? | NinkComPoop

If college taught me anything, it was that working during a bad mood or lack of motivation is pretty much a huge waste of time. If I wasn’t in the correct ‘zone’ to concentrate, I was about to waste the next few hours trying to work but miserably failing. To actually ensure productivity, I would instead simply put all my effort elsewhere (i.e. tidying, cleaning, cooking…) and get back to work later.

Refusing to give in to a break when you’re feeling under pressure will not benefit your life. That is why it’s so important to recognise when you are burning out.

If you find yourself relating to more than three of these, then it is time for you to schedule some well-needed time off…



As important as your job is, if it’s the first thing you think of when you wake up, go to sleep, are out with friends or hanging with the family… perhaps it is time to remember the basic pleasures in life again.

We’ve all had to tell friends and family that we aren’t able to make it out because we have a work conflict, but it may become something that is happening too often. If you become the person who is known to “probably be too busy” to attend events, your job has far too much control. Get yourself back out there!

On the topic of social life, how often is your day-to-day conversation focused on job-related topics? Do you find yourself at the bar discussing how much your job is running you down? Are you at home discussing your next project with your boyfriend? It is time for you to remember those days you woke up to live a life that didn’t involve your boss…


Do you find yourself questioning ‘what went wrong?’ and ‘when did things change?’ as you shudder over the thought of work tomorrow? If you remember the days where your job was actually enjoyable but you’re finding yourself losing that passion for no particular reason, maybe the reason is actually a lack of break.

However, the same thing can also be applied to situations that have changed along the way. Even if there is a cause and you aren’t in control of it, you also deserve a few days’ respite…


Jobs already own a huge percentage of our time. According to http://www.pickthebrain.com, including commutes, we spend about 50 – 70 dedicated hours to work every week. We are already spending around half of our entire waking life at work. Baring that in mind, when you are leaving work, are you actually leaving work? Do you often find that work follows you home? (i.e. taking phone calls and checking emails). If work already owns so much of your life, you mustn’t allow the lines between your career and personal life to blur.

It is so important for you to work out the amount of hours you are putting into work and if that is reasonable (especially if you work for yourself and are in control of your hours).


One of the most common causes of insomnia and poor sleep is stress. This can be down to the parade of deadlines dancing in your head keeping you up at night, or regular work-related dreams. If just entering through the doors at work brings you the irresistible urge to go nap under a desk somewhere, you’ve probably just about had enough. Working for too long without a break and breezing through life in a haze of exhaustion will cause that wasteful attempt in working through your lack of motive we spoke about earlier. Rest gives you the happiness needed to actually be productive.


This one ties nicely with the previous one. Not being well rested and feeling that extra force of pressure from work can do crazy things to your brain. For example, making typos while proofreading business reports or putting extra pepper on a customer’s dish when they specifically asked without. Between the stress of a job, being tired, irritable, and thinking about those mistakes, you’re likely going to run yourself into the ground.

The more rundown, tired or stressed out we are, the more avoidable mistakes we will make and hinder our performance at work. If these ‘little errors’ that you wouldn’t usually make are piling up, you probably need some time to recharge your batteries. When we are working too much, our brain stops paying the amount of attention that it’s supposed to.


The biggest giveaway for me is a sudden intense feeling of being incredibly thin-skinned. A missing pen or uneven eyeliner suddenly becomes a crisis. Have you ever gotten into work, sat at your desk, looked down at your to-do list and bursted into a sea of tears? I have. But perhaps if you’re not as dramatic as me, you’ve felt like doing it.

To feel very overwhelmed is always when I know I’m in need of some perspective. The worst thing about stress is that it has the ability to erode our emotional resources, which makes it harder to deal with both big and small problems. If you truly believe everything feels just awful right now, the dread of going to work is rising and you’re being pessimistic about everything, then you must let yourself get away. You will soon become that person nobody feels a joy to be around and it will come to a point where even the smallest actions of everybody around you will start to tick you off. Worst yet, you’re in a bad mood before anything even happens to you.

Please note, if these feelings continue and/or worsen, along with an accompanied loss of interest in things you care about, consider a chat with your doctor.


It is easy to find yourself in a place where you are purposely making sure you are doing as little as possible. The work you assign yourself or get assigned to do seems to take forever and you want to take frequent breaks. As I was mentioning earlier, working on lack of motive is almost entirely pointless. It is about time you give in to that break your body is hinting at you to have.

A good way to recognise a lack of ambition is focusing on what your current long term goals are at the moment. Perhaps they’re non-existent because you’re only focusing on the day-to-day grind. If your dream of moving ‘up the ladder’ or finding that perfect job no longer matters to you then your priorities have fallen out of order. Time must be taken out to re-learn what it is you are really after.


The truth is, the majority of people are owned by their job. What’s worse, is that people don’t realise they are because it’s so common to be. This blogpost was not meant to be miserable, but it is just a gentle nudge to remind you that your body gives great warning signs… all you must do now is listen!

Good luck!