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Inspiration is funny because it’s one of those things that you don’t realise you have until it’s gone. It truly is the most powerful tool you can have and the most successful people on earth would not have conquered without it. So – how do we find it? I have cooked up a few of my own methods for finding inspiration to get the creative ball rolling!


My biggest inspiration by far, comes from watching success happen to other people. Surround yourself in people mastering the talents that you are working on yourself. Whatever it may be… read, watch, listen to, or research those that are busy chasing their dreams. If that doesn’t inspire me to do the same thing that they are… nothing will. I just love settling down to a good documentary or book focused on someone or something that I look up to.


Inspiration is impossible for me to grab if my head is cluttered and I’m not entirely sure what steps I need to be taking in order to reach my stepping stone goals. I recommend to get yourself a fancy planner (the prettier it is, the more excited you’ll be to use it) to keep all your big plans and ideas down. It is important that you make a realistic order of when and how you want these ideas to happen. This can be small goals set for each day of the week, or big goals you want to reach per week (I prefer achieving small steps a day so that I can go to bed feeling accomplished…). Analyse your plans/ideas from all angles! The more clear my plan of action is, the more inspired I will be to make it happen.


You are going to hate me for this one. But your head will have no room for big ideas or the desire to do something creative if you are sat in a messy room. The more space and area you have to work with, the more space your mind will have free to let creative juices flow! Keep corners tidy, desk spaces clear and shelves nicely decorated. Some motivational quotes hanging on the wall are a must-have for me.


The very first thing I was taught during my creative media degree course, was how essential it is for you to find out when you work at your best standard. My tutor told me that he didn’t care what time of the day I needed, as long as I’ve discovered my best working hours, and I make the most of using them. Recognise what time of the day you randomly begin to notice you work to your best standards and do whatever you can to make sure those hours are kept free so that you can work through them.


I work from home, meaning that I don’t have to travel somewhere everyday to get on with work. Which sounds like a blessing… but sometimes I really find myself wishing that I had an office or space to travel to everyday. It can be mind numbingly painful to lock yourself up in a bedroom for days and days – which constantly causes me huge mental blocks. Staring at the same four walls is painful. Don’t make the same mistake! Step outside, take in some fresh air, find a gorgeous view, go for a walk. Not only will this recharge your batteries, but a great surrounding to watch can wake that brain right back up (so don’t forget that notebook!)


This is of course a personal preference… but if you love coffee or tea as much as I do, you would already know how much wonder it does to kick your ass out of sleepy zone. Whether that is early in the morning when I am ready to work on my to-do list, or after lunch when I feel myself getting back out of focus. My job also involves a lot of filming, and sometimes it just isn’t natural to be full of fun and energy every hour of the day… A little splash of coffee often does the trick!


To-do lists are the secret to life. BELIEVE ME. I am one of those irritating people who get huge kicks out of productivity. It sounds great but that also means I can get really low when I am not able to get a lot done. Similar to your planner, get yourself a white board, chalk board, phone app (wunderlist is amazing) or simply a sticky note that you can write small goals on that you want to achieve by the end of the day. Did I mention how good it feels to cross each one off?


Lastly, similar to finding your most productive time of the day, knowing where is most comfortable and effective for you will be so useful, particularly during times when you are finding it hard to focus. Whether yours is on your favourite bench outside, in a big bubbly bath, amongst nice smelling candles or simply on the cozy-ness of your own bed – do whatever works for you.

I’d love to hear what methods work for you. Good luck reaching your goals!

Is it time you took a break? | NinkComPoop

If college taught me anything, it was that working during a bad mood or lack of motivation is pretty much a huge waste of time. If I wasn’t in the correct ‘zone’ to concentrate, I was about to waste the next few hours trying to work but miserably failing. To actually ensure productivity, I would instead simply put all my effort elsewhere (i.e. tidying, cleaning, cooking…) and get back to work later.

Refusing to give in to a break when you’re feeling under pressure will not benefit your life. That is why it’s so important to recognise when you are burning out.

If you find yourself relating to more than three of these, then it is time for you to schedule some well-needed time off…



As important as your job is, if it’s the first thing you think of when you wake up, go to sleep, are out with friends or hanging with the family… perhaps it is time to remember the basic pleasures in life again.

We’ve all had to tell friends and family that we aren’t able to make it out because we have a work conflict, but it may become something that is happening too often. If you become the person who is known to “probably be too busy” to attend events, your job has far too much control. Get yourself back out there!

On the topic of social life, how often is your day-to-day conversation focused on job-related topics? Do you find yourself at the bar discussing how much your job is running you down? Are you at home discussing your next project with your boyfriend? It is time for you to remember those days you woke up to live a life that didn’t involve your boss…


Do you find yourself questioning ‘what went wrong?’ and ‘when did things change?’ as you shudder over the thought of work tomorrow? If you remember the days where your job was actually enjoyable but you’re finding yourself losing that passion for no particular reason, maybe the reason is actually a lack of break.

However, the same thing can also be applied to situations that have changed along the way. Even if there is a cause and you aren’t in control of it, you also deserve a few days’ respite…


Jobs already own a huge percentage of our time. According to, including commutes, we spend about 50 – 70 dedicated hours to work every week. We are already spending around half of our entire waking life at work. Baring that in mind, when you are leaving work, are you actually leaving work? Do you often find that work follows you home? (i.e. taking phone calls and checking emails). If work already owns so much of your life, you mustn’t allow the lines between your career and personal life to blur.

It is so important for you to work out the amount of hours you are putting into work and if that is reasonable (especially if you work for yourself and are in control of your hours).


One of the most common causes of insomnia and poor sleep is stress. This can be down to the parade of deadlines dancing in your head keeping you up at night, or regular work-related dreams. If just entering through the doors at work brings you the irresistible urge to go nap under a desk somewhere, you’ve probably just about had enough. Working for too long without a break and breezing through life in a haze of exhaustion will cause that wasteful attempt in working through your lack of motive we spoke about earlier. Rest gives you the happiness needed to actually be productive.


This one ties nicely with the previous one. Not being well rested and feeling that extra force of pressure from work can do crazy things to your brain. For example, making typos while proofreading business reports or putting extra pepper on a customer’s dish when they specifically asked without. Between the stress of a job, being tired, irritable, and thinking about those mistakes, you’re likely going to run yourself into the ground.

The more rundown, tired or stressed out we are, the more avoidable mistakes we will make and hinder our performance at work. If these ‘little errors’ that you wouldn’t usually make are piling up, you probably need some time to recharge your batteries. When we are working too much, our brain stops paying the amount of attention that it’s supposed to.


The biggest giveaway for me is a sudden intense feeling of being incredibly thin-skinned. A missing pen or uneven eyeliner suddenly becomes a crisis. Have you ever gotten into work, sat at your desk, looked down at your to-do list and bursted into a sea of tears? I have. But perhaps if you’re not as dramatic as me, you’ve felt like doing it.

To feel very overwhelmed is always when I know I’m in need of some perspective. The worst thing about stress is that it has the ability to erode our emotional resources, which makes it harder to deal with both big and small problems. If you truly believe everything feels just awful right now, the dread of going to work is rising and you’re being pessimistic about everything, then you must let yourself get away. You will soon become that person nobody feels a joy to be around and it will come to a point where even the smallest actions of everybody around you will start to tick you off. Worst yet, you’re in a bad mood before anything even happens to you.

Please note, if these feelings continue and/or worsen, along with an accompanied loss of interest in things you care about, consider a chat with your doctor.


It is easy to find yourself in a place where you are purposely making sure you are doing as little as possible. The work you assign yourself or get assigned to do seems to take forever and you want to take frequent breaks. As I was mentioning earlier, working on lack of motive is almost entirely pointless. It is about time you give in to that break your body is hinting at you to have.

A good way to recognise a lack of ambition is focusing on what your current long term goals are at the moment. Perhaps they’re non-existent because you’re only focusing on the day-to-day grind. If your dream of moving ‘up the ladder’ or finding that perfect job no longer matters to you then your priorities have fallen out of order. Time must be taken out to re-learn what it is you are really after.


The truth is, the majority of people are owned by their job. What’s worse, is that people don’t realise they are because it’s so common to be. This blogpost was not meant to be miserable, but it is just a gentle nudge to remind you that your body gives great warning signs… all you must do now is listen!

Good luck!





Living like a millionaire…

I promised you guys in a previous blog post and YouTube video that I would share some photos of the gorgeous house I stayed in for a week in Huddersfield. As explained, I visited there for a little getaway trip with my boyfriend and his family. His mum had chosen this house herself and particularly aimed for something really big and fancy… We definitely got that! I just had to share these photos with you…

214pool3gym5 copy56791012131415

The house was three floors high, had it’s own gym, jacuzzi baths, and even a pool on the ground floor!

It was an odd feeling staying in a house with gigantic windows and little to no blinds or curtains. I am big about natural sunlight but there’ll be no walking about in the nude allowed!

If you are interested in where this lovely home can be found, here is a link to their website. I would love to hear about some awesome places you’ve stayed in and the type of accommodation you look for on holiday!


This is not a sponsored post nor am I using affiliate links.

Cosmetic First Impressions (Mac, Bobbi Brown & Clinique) | NinkComPoop

I thought it would be fun to go through some of my newest cosmetic purchases and give you all some initial first impressions!

Mac’s Velvetease in Aim To Please:
Mac’s Lipliner in Bittersweet:
Clinique Quickliner in Rich Red:
Bobbi Brown’s Gel Shadow in Bronze Sunlit Bronze:


My first two pieces are from Mac. I was after a nude lip product as a girl can never have too many of those… I am constantly on the look out for long lasting nude lips that last all day. So, with both fingers crossed, I decided to give their ‘Aim To Please’ Velvetease (that rhymes) lip pencil a try. Their velvetease products are usually so creamy and soft to apply, but still dry really nicely too. (Basically everything you want in a lip product).



As predicted, this feels lovely to apply and dries fairly instantly. It creates a lovely red toned nude colour. I am a big fan of subtle lip colours which still give you something different to your usual skin tone.

The very first Mac product I have ever owned was a lip liner, so I was intrigued to see how well the other shades do. Next, I got this pro longwear lip pencil in ‘Bittersweet’.  The only problem I had with my previous Mac lip pencils was the staying power. It seemed that chunks of their lip liner comes off fairly easily for me, but I still had a go at another shade just for luck… (or perhaps lack of self control).



As much as I love them, dark lips usually scare me. I love black lipstick but would feel too scared to wear it. Dark brown, purples or very deep reds are the closest I will go. This very deep brown shade is a gorgeous colour and I adore how it looks. However, I am still experiencing problems with it coming off fairly easy when I eat or drink. I will have to give this a go with some lipstick on top. Perhaps that is the reason for the problems I am having…

In comparison to the Velvetease pencil, this lipliner is very drying. I think that I will probably stick to the Velvetease products in the future…

Bobbi Brown

The first Bobbi Brown product I ever tried was probably the best Bobbi Brown product I’ve ever ended up trying. It was an eyeshadow trio that I would use almost daily. Considering I used to love it so much, I was eager to try out more of their eyeshadows.

A range of their shadow gels were sat in the 50% off section (woohoo!), so I gave them a try in the store and the sparkle that the product produces is gorgeous. I decided to try ‘Sunlit Bronze’ as I use brown on my eyes so often.


mac 4.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 18.41.22.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 18.32.38.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-30 at 18.32.28£6.50

Trying this on my eye for the first time was pretty exciting… I got really overwhelmed with how pretty it looks over your entire lid, particularly when you layer the product up. It gives your eyes such a simple but effective look, I am beyond pleased for choosing this product. I honestly don’t believe that the photos do it justice…


I don’t ever remember using a Clinique product before, but this lip liner was also in the 50% off sale section. I have been trying to find a durable red lip product since I can remember… I picked up this ‘Rich Red’ lip liner with the hopes that maybe it could provide something with a ton of staying power…

mac 5.jpg


When I first applied this, I instantly started thinking that I had made the wrong decision. It has such a strange texture that feels super hard to apply. I could feel the product dragging along my lips… However, once it is on, the staying power is incredible. I didn’t even need to blotch this stuff and it doesn’t feel as though I was wearing anything at all. This definitely acts as more of a lip stain as it was very tricky to take off (which I personally love). I have most definitely found my favourite red lip product yet! As for the shade, it provides this lovely true cherry red which is super pretty.


Though I was sure to love the Mac products more than the others, I ended up liking the Clinique and Bobbi Brown items even more! I will most definitely be using these products up. But for now, I need to find out how to stop this ‘Bittersweet’ lip pencil from rubbing off… Got any tips?

Taking a little break… | NinkComPoop

Breaks are important. Week long ones, two week long ones, day ones, even just a couple hour ones. If we don’t take them often enough, we can easily overwork ourselves and burn ourself out…

My boyfriend asked me whether I fancied a week away with his family in the middle of Huddersfield (close to Manchester if your Geography is terrible like mine). All I knew was that his lovely mummy wanted a break away for her birthday with all her children. Of course I jumped to the opportunity and felt that it was a great excuse to look forward to something while in the dreary month of February (have I ever told you how much I hate February?).

Throughout our time there in this absolutely huge cottage (cottage blog post to come!), we had a few little walks around the area. However, Huddersfield is one of the hilliest areas I have ever been to, so a “quick pop” to the shop turned into a sweaty half hour hike. This kind of holiday was almost a ‘first’ for me, as most holidays I’ve previously been on have involved lots of planning and arrangements for various sights, areas and activities. It was a nice change to just sit sipping whiskey and playing card games in a fancy looking mansion and pretending we were rich for a week!

I managed to take some snaps of just a few of my favourite sightings. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 16.35.29



I just had to take a photo of this cash machine. Yes, that’s a cash machine. But also a phone box… Can you even get anything more perfect?

We had to take a drive into York while we were near the area to do a spot of shopping (keep eyes peeled on my channel for a haul by the way…). The buildings in York were just beautiful, particularly down The Shambles (a famous street lined with timber-framed buildings housing a range of touristy shops).




IMG_5313 copy














Within the Cathedral, there was a little area where you were able to light a candle for friends or family who have passed.







To finish off, a lovely picture of Adam sat beside a fancy Prosecco cocktail…

Isn’t he dishy? 😉

Let me know in the comments your favourite places to visit when you need a small escape and why. I’d love to hear them!

Ellie x


Where is Happiness?

I visited the location of where my big sister will be getting married today. Though the area will look much greener in the summer, and the weather will paint a lovely orange glow on everything, it did still feel magical getting a glance into where my sister/best friend will be marrying the lady of her dreams.


It was not until I made it up the hill towards the lovely view when I realised that this area was one of the many places my dad would take my sister and I when we were little. When you’re younger, you never really take in your area the same way you do when you’re older. Your tiny, carefree world made you the most mindful you will ever be. Most often, it didn’t matter how you got somewhere or why you were there – the important thing was, you are there and each part of your small, innocent mind is taking that all in.


Because what I do involves being an online influence, there are a lot of people that hold on to my word (which has it’s good and bad sides). A question I get a lot is “where do I find happiness?”. Though I am most definitely not always happy, I have moments where I notice my current state of happiness being particularly good for a long while. I often use that time to analyse what I may be doing differently. That child-like mindset I was referring to earlier always seems to be the answer. The moment I keep my mind out of doubtful worry mode, is the moment I am free. Free from stress, anxiety, pain, fear, misery… and most importantly, sadness. It isn’t easy living in the moment, but when you do, it sets you free.


To focus on the present, we should always recognise what we have instead of what we do not have or what we had. It is very easy for us to be caught up in our own little world when life moves so quickly and change hits us hard. We begin to dwell on the old times and often forget that we are still living. Amazing things are always happening, the trick is noticing them when they are. Taking in key moments now, rather than later when they are gone is essential. Here I was, on high down hill, taking in the moment just as I did when I was little, and just as I will when my sister speaks her vows. The very same place that I enjoyed with her many years ago for a very different reason – playing in the leaves in our kiddie welly boots will soon turn into nervous giggling in our beautiful wedding clothes (and probably a cry or two on my part).


Of course, with the good times will come the bad. It is easier to be happy during the wonderful times, for sure. But when the tricky times come fast approaching, what do you do or where do you turn? Believe it or not, these times play just as much of a big part as the good ones. Just like with everything in life… How do you know what your favourite food is if you hadn’t tried a number of different ones? How do you know what your favourite hobby is if you hadn’t taken part in a few? How do you know what happiness feels like if you’ve never experienced sadness? The moments in your life when sadness hits you like a cold, unwanted brick sucks… But people with the biggest stories, darkest moments and greatest accomplishments can put up the best of fights.


You live life to grow as a person, and with each day you wake up, you form into the person you were born to be. Let every rough experience that knocks you give you growth, and let every marvellous one remind you that life is worth living again. Take lots of pauses, and even more deep breaths as you soak in your surroundings as they are today.


“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”
― A.A. Milne

“Happiness, not in another place but this place…
not for another hour, but this hour.”
― Walt Whitman




Grunge Inspired Makeup Look | NinkComPoop


Hello, loves!

Since I was around 15 years old, I always struggled with owning a label. Was I a typical girly-girl or do I prefer alternative fashion? If I think flannel or faux leather looks awesome, then why do I occasionally wear floral? It took me years to realise that I don’t need to have one set label. I do, and I can, chuck on whatever I happen to be loving at that point in time.

One of my favourite things to do is experiment with dark, smokey, and gothic tones – so today I was requested by you guys to create a grungey look. Lets get going!

Eye Shadow

The eye shadow was my favourite part of the process. Huge props go to Blank Canvas’ Master Series palette. This palette never lets me down! I was able to use three colours from the palette for my crease, inner corner, and transition shade. The other fab thing about this palette is the brush that it comes with; it is a double ended blending/applicator brush which is incredible for blending. I managed to blend this crazy dark look just fine (which is usually such a struggle).




(Shades used: Lily, Forza and Corruption).

This look made me fall in-love with Mac’s ‘Stroke of Midnight’ palette all over again. The beauty of this palette is that it holds the blackest of black and whitest of white shades. Those are two very handy colours to own! For this look, I used the white, gold and black. I popped some more white over the inner corner, black over the brown, and the gold for under my eyes.



After applying the gold under my eyes, I then went back to the dark brown on my Blank Canvas palette and applied it on my waterline.

Eyeliner and Mascara

At the mo, I have been loving my Barry M eyeliner that I bought on a whim. It lasts all day and is easy to work with. For this look, I ensured that I applied it really thick. Then to finish the eyes, I used my trusty Maybelline Lash Sensational.




For my contour, I wanted to use something that will bring out my natural pale skin (sob). I used my Contour Kit by Beautiful Brows to both highlight and define my cheek bones. This kit is one of my favourites and it’s creamy consistency is a dream to work with *drools*.




The last and final step! In my opinion, this was one of the most important steps for this as you can’t achieve the perfect grungy look without some dark, gothic lips. I achieved these gorgeous dark lips by using Mac’s ‘Night Moth’ lip pencil and Avon’s Perfect Reds lipstick on top.




And ta-da! (With a bit of hair crimping) the look is complete…





Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you would like more of these or not – your opinion is appreciated so much!

Hugs, Ellie xo